Friday, July 17, 2009

How to install latest Red5 on Linux

Instructions to install latest Red5 and JDK on Linux VPS or Dedicated Server:
Red5 Linux Installation Tutorial

An alternative to doing the red5 installation yourself would be to order red5 installation .

If you don’t have the time and experience to run your own server or vps, you should use managed red5 hosting .

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Red5 v0.8 RC3 on Linux and VideoFlashChat

First, read this step by step tutorial for installing latest Java and Red5 on Linux.

After installing the videoflashchat webapps, restart the Red5 server.

Also try removing these from WEB-INF/web.xml if present, as latest Red5 has different logging classes:








Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RTMP Installation Tutorials for Video Flash Chat

Here are some samples of installing the videoflashchat rtmp application on different systems with default settings.

Installing in Red5 on Red Hat

1. Copy _setup/_red5/videoflashchat to opt/red5/dist/videoflashchat and restart the red5 server.

If you install it in a different folder name, edit videoflashchat/WEB-INF/ to reflect that.

2. Restart red5 .
sh /opt/red5/dis/
sh /opt/red5/dis/

Installing in FMS with Influxis
1. From My Applications create application with Add New Application. Use any name i.e. "videoflashchat" and save generated rtmp path.
2. From File Admin edit videoflashchat/main.asc file and make sure it has the contents of _setup/_fms/videoflashchat/main.asc (open it with notepad or other text editor). If needed select all from text editor (CTRL+A), copy (CTRL+C), move to form, select all from there (CTRL+A), paste from clipboard (CTRL+V) to overwrite.
3. From Permissions, Set Referring Domain(s), Add New Domain - add your domain that hosts the flash (i.e.

Installing in FMS on Windows

Copy _setup/_fms/videoflashchat to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Sever X.X\applications.

Note: This requires the Flash Media Interactive Server, as it also needs other features in addition to streaming.

Installing in Red5 on Windows

1. Copy _setup/_red5/videoflashchat to C:\Program Files\Red5\webapps.

If you install it in a different folder name, edit videoflashchat/WEB-INF/ to reflect that.

2. Run... services.msc (or go there from Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services , find & right click Red5 row and choose Restart.

If you allow or any domain to access your rtmp server you can test the rtmp installation with this:

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Pay Per View Video Chat Software Improvements


Important upgrades and improvements are available for Video Girls BiZ PPV Video Chat Software
  • New FREE dark red template
  • Performer ID verification
  • User video recordings on profile page
  • Live video streaming on profile page and video chat page
  • Spy webcam feature for administrators
  • Forum
+ 1 Year license for just $299
+ Purchase License and get 4 months free startup hosting (web & fms).

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