Friday, June 20, 2008

Red5 v0.7.0 Final

We checked compatibility of Video Flash Chat with the new Red5 final version and updated as necessary.

Instructions for accessing the new Flex adminPanel (inspired from a mailing list post) after installing the new Red5 on your computer:
1. Start Red5 0.7.0 / Service in Windows (Start > Run...: services.msc )
2. Open: http://localhost:5080/admin/register.html
3. Fill your new user and password. Submit.
4. Restart Red5
5. Open: http://localhost:5080/demos/adminPanel.html
6. Fill "localhost" as server and the user/pass you defined in step 3. Submit.

This file required updating for the application to work with the latest version:

Contact us if you are a customer and need an update.